If someday the moon calls you by your name don’t be surprised,
Because every night I tell her about you.
Shahrazad al-Khalij (via mofobian)

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Where my books go, W. B. Yeats

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…and the weight of the earth is pressed to my ribs.
Virginia Woolf, The Waves (via angryasianfeminist)
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Oh you were beautiful, when your hair was a mess and your face a wreck. You were beautiful when you slept and when you wept. You were beautiful when you never thought you were, because I saw you in those moments, I saw all of you; and oh how I loved you.
T. B. LaBerge, Unwritten Letters to You (via blissfulbeardsdoitbest)

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Field of Flowers, 1910

Egon Schiele

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The only time you look in your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure that they have enough. You don’t look in your neighbor’s bowl to see if you have as much as them.
Louis C.K.  (via likeafieldmouse)

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She had a mind like a box of fireworks and hands that played recklessly with matches
Michael Faudet (via hailthewicked)
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i wish i knew how to move slower. how to kiss hard and still come up for air. how to be kind to each moment like it is my very best lover, an engine of pumpkin sweat and skin. i hope i learn to love myself when no one is looking. i need to drink more water. maybe that is all i ever need to do. drink more water. kiss you. walk to the store. i am the slowest revolutionary.
lauren zuniga, “dear lemon engine” from “the smell of good mud” (via winterkristall)

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